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PhD Safewax Treatment

PhD stands for Professional Hygienic and Disposable which is exactly what it is.


No risk of cross contamination, which could be a concern in the usual pot wax, where the wax is applied by a spatula then re-dipped into the pot or a roller head which touches client's body parts then re-enters into the wax.


Everything about PhD Safewax says hygiene and safe waxing!


PhD Safewax Pricelist

for the best result...

There are lots of things to take into consideration to get the best results from your waxing.


1. The hair should not be touched for at least 4-6 weeks. This is because your hair is on a cycle, you may feel after a couple of weeks of not shaving your hairs are all their and are long enough, this is simply not the case. If we were to wax, yes we would remove the visible hairs, but the hairs that are not visible will then start to appear after a couple of days, making you feel the waxing hasn't worked, not true, it's just that those hairs are on a different cycle. Allowing 4-6 weeks will give the hairs the best chance to all come through.


2. Dry skin is another thing that will prevent you from getting the best result from your waxing. This is due to the fact that if you have lots of dry flaky skin, when we apply the wax, we are unable to get to the route of the hair, causing the hair to break off. Also, your skin will be covered in lots of tiny red spots, giving the appearance of a plucked chicken, which would not happen if your skin is prepared correctly. Prevention, by exfoliating your skin with a scrub and using a good moisturiser (dermalogica's Ultra Rich Body Cream is fantastic and goes a really long way), will ensure your legs are in the best possible condition to give a smoother wax.


3. Do not have a hot bath just before being waxed. A lot of people feel they are doing the right thing, hoping to open their pores so that the hairs come out easier. Not true, this can actually cause your skin to be damaged during waxing, the reason is, when you soak in a hot bath, you are softening the top layers of skin, you go to have your waxing and warm wax is applied to the area, when the wax is removed, it will remove more skin than we would like, giving the skin the appearance of it peeling, that may sightly scab over. It will heal and shouldn't cause any long term problems, but its best to have a quick warm shower to prevent any damage to the skin.

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