Green Peel - 3 ways to beautiful, healthy skin in harmony with nature

 Green Peel is a biological peeling method that has been used all over the world with great success for over 50 years.


With the help of Mother Nature the aging processes of the skin can be counteracted, the complexion refreshed, the regeneration of the skin triggered and the renewal of the skin initiated on a purely natural basis.

Which method is suitable?

Green Peel can be used at any age for every skin type.


We recommend a thorough consultation is carried out before any Green Peel method is booked in the salon.

Green Peel Fresh Up
Illuminate your skin

The Gentle method for more freshness and slower aging


This treatment is the one for you, if you want a gentle complexion refresher, increased absorption of active ingredients or effective hydration of the skin - to mention but a few of the many possibilities.

Green Peel Fresh Up Pricelist

Green Peel Energy

Stimulate your skin

The vitality and regeneration kick for your skin


This is a treatment that keeps its promise - it will give your skin a surge of energy that is immediately noticeable. It is a well-directed intensive treatment for skin in need of regeneration. The activation of the blood circulation and metabolism result in natural skin improvements.


Helps with acne, scarring, pigmentation and aging.

Green Peel Energy Pricelist

Green Peel Classic

Renew your skin

For more than 50 years, thousands of Spas, in more than 50 countries worldwide have been working successfully with this famous method.


Many people with clearly-visible skin problems such as severe sun-damage, pigmentation, acne, scarring and aging, wish for renewed skin without harmful chemicals and without cosmetic surgery, that shouldn't be asking too much.


The success of the original GREEN PEEL ® Classic method by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio has provided evidence of this for many years, the results are truly outstanding!

Green Peel Classic Pricelist

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